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Conservation Initiatives

As shareholders of Limpopo Lipadi one of the great privileges and responsibilities is to help protect and develop this wonderful 20,500 hectares of African wilderness that we own.  The land was originally farmed and was badly damaged by overgrazing and ploughing to grow crops.  Restoring the natural balance and beauty of this magnificent piece of wilderness is challenging and exciting.  Is this something you would like to be involved in?  Become a shareholder.... for more details go to our contact page

Motse eco-volunteer programme

The Saleda shareholders loaned $25,000 to this programme to develop accommodation for the volunteers to come and spend time on the reserve improving their understanding of conservation and animal behaviour.  James was the first Motse Volunteer.  The programme is now run by Gabriella.  For more information on the programme and how to become a volunteer click Learn More below

Game management

Renee Berber and Desre Williams donated funds to the GoFundMe campaign Relocate vulnerable rhino to Botswana to enhance anti-poaching measures,as well as the GoFundMe campaign to relocate 300 zebra to other reserves in Botswana during the drought in order to save them from dying of hunger and thirst.

Ann Salmon purchased a breeding white female rhino in the campaign and has called it Wanda. Go to the blog section of this website to follow the story of Wanda.

Other conservation initiatives

Ray and Dee Salmon donated funds to grow sweet grass in strategically placed fenced paddocks to improve the grass on the reserve by wind distribution of grass seeds from these paddocks

The Saleda shareholders donated funds to replace the old diesel powered water pumps at two of the waterholes with new solar powered alternatives

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