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Friday afternoon shopping trip with a difference... to make a difference

Updated: Jul 20, 2018

Most ladies of my age would be content with a shopping trip into Douglas but one eventful Friday afternoon I went on a shopping trip with a difference to make a difference. The game reserve that my family and I are invested in, Limpopo Lipadi Private Game and Wilderness Reserve, were running a GoFundMe campaign to raise much needed funds for our anti-poaching team and protection of our rhinos. I was inspired by the efforts of our Reserve Manager Kevin to raise funds for this much needed but very costly endeavour. So... on this eventful Friday afternoon I made an executive decision, assisted by my side-kick, Renee, who also happens to be my daughter, (and who helps me execute all of my exciting Friday afternoon decisions) to BUY a RHINO! Renee liaised with Kevin, and Kevin sourced my lovely new rhino in South Africa. Wanda.... is the name of my rhino and, she is a breeding age white female rhino. I haven't seen her yet but am awaiting further news and pictures so will be back online shortly to share the continued story of Wanda.


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