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Saleda guests who partner with us in our community vision

Updated: Jul 20, 2018

In May 2018, Saleda Lodge had a visit from a group of four lovely women from Colorado... the Colorado Knitted Knockers (find them on Facebook!). They did a knit-a-thon attended by 50 women from Tsetsebjwe and Moletemane. The event was a wonderful success and the Motse women developed new knitting skills and learned about having a mastectomy, its impact, and how to meet some of the challenges of breast cancer, from our visitors. We appreciate people who actively share our vision for sustainable tourism and for making a difference, so thank you the Colorado Knitted Knockers and please come back we would love to have you!! If this has inspired you and you are tired of being just a tourist, ticking a bucket list, and would rather make a difference when you travel,

join our community by sharing your skills and abilities by offering a short training course when you visit we would love to hear from you.... please get in touch!


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